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                                                                   WELCOME TO RENEGADE CHOPPERS


 My name is Chris Eisen and I want to build your one of a kind custom motorcycle. I am located in Melbourne Florida and with that, I was taught by some of the best builders in the world. Billy Lane and Nicky Bootz from Choppers Inc. were my primary coaches and you can see that quality style of work in every bike I build. I was also able to watch and learn a little from Scott Hall at Corrupted Concepts in Melbourne. Again a world class builder that is completely off the chain with his ability to turn metal into art!! I don't boast about my ability and I have no time for those self proclaimed idiot wanna be bike builders who don't know the first thing about building a safe reliable amazing bike. After the biker build off series, alleged bike builders fell out of the sky ( what a joke ). I am the real deal and I can build your sled cheaper than any other builder out there simply because I have very little overhead. I CAN DO THE JOB!!!! I am a full time police officer and I am fair and trustworthy so hit me up and let's get that dream sled of yours going. As I said, I can do it for less and you won't be disappointed.   If you want more information about me or my company, feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions you have. Check out the pictures of the bikes on the site and grab the contact information to reach me on the contact us page. Thanks again for checking out the site and I hope to talk with you soon.            

thanks for checkin out our sleds 24872

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