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My name is Chris and I have been building Bikes for several years. I have competed with some of the top builders in the industry and held my own by winning the international master bike builder association competition in 2003 in Daytona.  I am a professional and no bike will ever leave my shop until the customer is totally happy with my work. I have no problem working with a tight budget because to me, bike building is not about money, it's about art.  If we start a bike for a customer and he or she runs short on money sometime during the build, the bike simply comes off of the table and sits in the shop until he or she can afford to move forward  again.  


I absolutely love what I do and it shows with every job. I know several of the top builders in the industry and although I don't follow every step  or try to mimic anyone else's styles, I have the up most respect for them. I hold Billy Lane ( Choppers ) in the absolute highest regard. I was blessed to meet him and spend a lot of time with him during the Discovery channel Biker Build off series. He is a flawless machine when it comes to fabrication. I'm proud to call him a friend. 

I encourage you to shop around and if another company under bids me, I will immediately match the price.  If you are looking for a cookie cutter bike like all the rest, then I can't help you however,  if you truly want a ground up one off unquestionably unique custom bike, then hit the contact me page and give me a call. 

LETS GET YOUR DREAM BIKE STARTED!!! Thanks for checking out the site. New Bikes are going to be added to the gallery very soon so check back and take a look from time to time. 

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